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New version 7.01/7.02 of BKOOL Cycling

In this new version, as well as from some corrections that improve the operation of the application, new features will be added, such as:

Ellipse_15.png  Inclusion of new 3D VIDEO technology available for all of BKOOL.

Routes with 3D content on real video will be available. A fusion of real image with virtual image that improves the level of immersion in the simulator.

Some stages of the Giro d'Italia of the year 2021 will be available.

Ellipse_15.png  The certification of a new trainer model.

We will publish the certification of compatibility by BKOOL of the smart trainer DC Athletics Tornado.

Ellipse_15.png  New currency.

Now all your points are automatically converted into a new currency, called Bkoins. A currency with greater value in the new BKOOL economy.

The wait is nearly over for the boxes in our store to open and you will be able to buy bicycles and other items that are to come.

Ellipse_15.png  New economy.

Now you will receive Bkoins, even if you have not finished the route and even if you have used the slope reduction. Bkoins will be given in proportion to caloric expenditure.

Ellipse_15.png  Bots.

The names Carmiña Faldeiro, Bean Diesel or Victor Montes may sound familiar to you. They are names of some of our beloved Bots, who have been with us for more than 10 seasons at BKOOL.

We believe that they need a well-deserved rest, to be able to return with much more experience, to continue helping us in difficult moments or to test us at every kilometre.

For a while you will not see them on the BKOOL routes.

Ellipse_15.png All sessions will be public

Private sessions with a password will not be available in this version. We will offer this feature again in future versions.

Ellipse_15.png Change of functionality

Session's search: When searching for a session which has already started, filtering by a rider's nickname in the simulator browser, only those sessions in which the rider is the creator will be found, in other words, they must have been the first person who started that session. Those sessions in which the rider is just participating will not be shown if they are not the creator of them, in other words, if they did not start the session themself in first place.

Ellipse_15.png Bug found in this version

The option to join a live session and start from the last rider is not available.

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