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New economy - Bkoins

With the arrival of the new BKOOL Cycling store, we are establishing a new economy at BKOOL, in which we take into account the type of user and the type of activity. Now all your points are automatically converted into a new currency: Bkoins

We will assess your effort using a formula based on the average caloric expenditure (KCal) invested to complete a full session, or part of it.

All your effort will be rewarded: you will receive Bkoins even if you do not complete the activity or if you have applied slope reduction (although less than if you had completed it without applying slope reduction, logically).

You will be able to see the Bkoins that each session provides when accessing its details in the BKOOL Cycling simulator.

With your Bkoins you can equip yourself in the store: you can buy bicycles, jerseys and many more items that are to come.



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