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New BKOOL version 7.1

In this new Beta version, in addition to some corrections to improve the operation of the application, new features will be added, such as:

  • New virtual store.

It is now possible to buy the Bike you want to use for your Avatar in the BKOOL Cycling virtual store, you can choose between different models.

In order to buy both the jersey and the bike you want, you must have the necessary Bkoins.



  • Certification of new models of trainers.

The certification that we do at BKOOL for smart trainers and bikes ensures a reliable simulation, where the sensations when pedalling, going up and down slopes are adequate.





You can see all the trainers and bikes certified by BKOOL here

  • Promotional videos.

Promotional videos may appear during the warm-up. With this initiative, the warm-up phase of your sessions will be much more enjoyable. We will offer content of interest, related to the world of cycling or the place where the route is located.

You can always mute or disable this functionality if you wish.     


  • Fixed deficiencies and improvements in this version:              

- Correction when showing Real Weather and wind in multiplayer sessions.

- Correction so that the Avatar is displayed correctly in spectator mode.

- Solution to issues when accessing sessions from the PROMO carousels, Leagues and Groups.

- Correction of the warm-up so that it is not inherited after carrying out a session that did have it as mandatory.

- Correction of the screenshots of Android and iPad devices.

- Correction of the data shown in the velodromes, the distance shown was always 250 metres.

- It will now be possible to join the last rider in a live session.

- The possibility of configuring private sessions with a password is recovered.

- The number of cards shown in mobile device carousels has been increased from 6 to 8.

- Solution to the problem of logout after 90 minutes of session.

- The limitation of users in a GR will go to 150 users.



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