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New version 7.22 BKOOL Cycling

In this new version, in addition to some corrections to improve the application’s performance, new features will be added, such as:

-New access to group sessions.

When you access a BKOOL Cycling route, you will see if there are already sessions started by other users. You will be shown if the session is in progress and the number of users that are in it. You will be allowed to join a session during the Warm-up period and if there is a group outing organised by BKOOL within the next hour, you can sign up for it. That way you can easily join sessions that are started, warming up, or scheduled in the next hour. You will always be able to start your own session.


If you sign up for a session scheduled by BKOOL, you can easily go to another session until it is launched. For example, by going to warm up at a velodrome.


Once you sign up for the session, if you are in another session a message will appear on the screen with a bell and the time for the session to launch.


When the scheduled session is launched, the bell will change to a "Play" button. By clicking on it you will be able to access the details of the session and join it.


-Information about the session:

Before entering a session in progress, in addition to being able to see who is taking part, you will be able to see where they are in the provisional classification and the intensity at which they are riding in W/Kg.

You will also be able to see the users who have reached the finish line and the position they occupy in the provisional ranking.


-Additional Information:

In each of the session settings, there will be text to explain about each setting.


-New access to the map of the route:

Once you access the route you want to do, before starting the session you will be able to access the map.


-Tutorial session described in more detail:

The user will be able to view the progress of a route and how to view the result, once finished, on the private website.


-FTP test described in more detail:

Now the FTP test is more accessible and comes with more complete instructions and advice.


-Positive accumulated gradient during the route and the remaining:

Along with the distance travelled and the time elapsed, you can now also see the accumulated and remaining positive accumulated gradient. In this way, the user will be able to manage their efforts much better in the most demanding climbs.


-Signal of the network connection status.

In addition to temporary messages, which will appear if you lose or recover your connection to the server, an icon will now appear next to the upper pairing panel. This way you will know if you are experiencing a network problem.


-New filter in the search option

Routes can now be filtered by those which are Video 3D routes


-Filter routes according to gradient

The problem that prevented finding routes, with more than 1000 metres of accumulated positive gradient, has been solved.



The explanation of the different controls, to be able to operate the application with the keyboard while you are taking a route, changes place. Now it will be under the settings, within the Configuration section.



The animation of the cadence on the avatar has been revised, now it is much more in line with the real cadence.


-Private sessions:

They are sessions protected by a password, so that only people who know the password can attend.

How to create a private session

Corrections and improvements:

  • The new permissions management is supported in the latest Android, which could cause crashes on this platform.
  • The distance data is corrected in certain types of sessions, such as those which are entirely flat or velodromes.
  • Improved behaviour of promotional videos.
  • Solution to problems with the Rankings.
  • Avatar positions on all bikes have been revised, as well as the improvement or how avatars and bicycles load during when starting a session.
  • The ability to find routes with more than 1000 metres of accumulated positive gradient is recovered.
  • Support is provided for the latest Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable libraries in the Windows version that prevented the correct launch of BKOOL Cycling. 

Optimisation and performance improvements:

  • Processor and memory usage is improved.
  • The session start is optimised.


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